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Total Feedback Received: 4

  • Will 193 · Nov 12, 2020

    Peter was fantastic to work with! Punctual and delivered exactly what I had in mind for deliverables. Peter walked me through steps when an errors occurred, their communication was far better than some of my former employers. Overall a wonderful person to work with. Would hire again for similar projects. 10/10

    for Develop Reports in Tableau

  • Scott 821 · Sep 02, 2020

    Peter was a pleasure to work with. He was collaborative, insightful, knowledgeable, and asked great questions. Highly recommended.

    for Financials in PowerBI

  • tu 6 · Jun 18, 2019

    thank you Peter for the good job. Peter's skill in data exploration techniques, data extraction and cleaning, your visualization skill is key to the success for the project. Peter demonstrated Peter demonstrated professionalism, data scientist, deliver quality and on time reports. Distance and cultural difference did not impact the communication. I would recommend Peter and Looking forward to working with him again on another project!

    for Need BI reporting from data

  • Nabil_Beitinjaneh · Jul 06, 2018

    Peter was eager to get the job done. We worked together as a team to make it happen. Thank you Peter.

    for Tableau visualization for Bike Data