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    Data science is a form of outsourcing that involves the delivery of information gleaned from advanced analytics applications run by data scientists at an outside company to corporate clients for their...

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I am an engineer with a great passion for mathematics, probabilistic, and data analytics. I pursued my academic studies in electrical engineering; however, my career is not restricted to this. During my early years at university, I understood that academic research can be easily drowned in abstractive and inapplicable. It was almost the same time as I started my career. I found a lot of unanswered needs that scientific society was supposed to answer before.

Further working on several international technology startups and companies made me more sure about various problems in our daily lives that science has become sufficiently mature to provide sustainable solutions; however, the so-called science/industry gap prevents their presence. That is why I decided to dedicate myself to creating technological solutions to simplify our lives.

My academic journey has reached to Ph.D. candidacy in Neuroscience at the Sharif University of Technology. At the same time, I cooperate with Inbeet as the Chief Technical Officer to create products that make people's lives easier.