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  • jQuery
  • Ruby On Rails
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Business Requirements
  • User Interface Design
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery Mobile
  • Angular.js
  • Database Design
  • Ember.js
  • Google Maps API
  • PHP
  • Requirements Analysis
  • Software Requirements

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  • Web development

    $30/hr Starting at $120 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    I can build or maintain wide range of server-side codebases. I specialize in Ruby on Rails, but before that I worked a lot in PHP so I'm familiar with Wordpress and Joomla as well

    Business RequirementsCSS3Database DesignGoogle Maps APIHTML5
  • Front-end engineering

    $25/hr Starting at $50 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    I am proficient with multitude of Javascript based frameworks like jQuery, Angular.js, Ember.js as well as many other more specialized tools. Trough my years of experience I've mastered HTML and CSS as...

    Angular.jsBusiness RequirementsCSS3Ember.jsGoogle Maps API
  • Requirements consulting

    $10/hr Starting at $100 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    In order to get a right person for the job - you first must know what the job is. I can analyze your project and produce a set of documents that will cover what framework/language is best for the job,...

    Business RequirementsCSS3HTML5jQueryjQuery Mobile
  • User experience and interactive design

    $15/hr Starting at $90 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    It's not enough for your web service to look good or be useful - it has to be easy and intuitive to use as well. I can design a user interface for your app that will communicate affordances and constraints...

    Business RequirementsCSS3HTML5jQueryjQuery Mobile


Experienced web developer and computer programmer, looking for the next challenge

I always believed in learning by doing, so I began freelancing while still in college - I liked it so much that I'm still in the business. Since I studied Computer Science in college, we only worked with "serious" programming languages like Java and C++ and web oriented programming was looked down upon (and still is by many academic types). That means that I had to learn everything about web development myself and I spent hours upon hours scouring books, forums and tutorials.

I began with PHP - that was the coolest new platform at the time and everyone was building sites with it. I did php development for a couple of years, until I discovered Ruby on Rails and fell in love with it - I like the test driven approach, the emphasis on agility and quick product iterations and focus on keeping up with user demands.

Along the way, I learned that not only your app has to work well, it has to look nice and be intuitive and quick for users to learn how to get around. I mastered HTML, CSS and Javascript pretty fast and I now approach every feature I develop from a user experience standpoint - even when working in backend, since fellow programmers will eventually be using that code so I think about them as future "users"

Good thing about teaching yourself all the skills is that you learn to keep up with technologies and that's another thing I love about being a freelancer - new challenges, new environments, new paradigms to master - never a boring day.

Thank you for considering me for your next project and feel free to message me anytime.

Marko Kacanski

Work Terms

My hours of operation are Central European Time, but I'm flexible to shift it +/- 3 hours if you want me to work along with your office. If you are from australia/oceania or far east - I have no problem communicating with daily reports so you don't miss out on anything I've done previous workday.

My preferred method of communication is email, or any kind of written communication because in my experience it's the best way to avoid confusion and to have an archive of all conversations

I do, however, realize that face-to-face time gets a lot of things done quicker so I'm open to Skyping, Google Hangouts, you name it :)