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    $25/hr Starting at $500 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    EXPERIENCED DEVELOPER - I have been developing websites for 10 years & specifically Wordpress,Ecommerce and CMS for around. I am Wordpress Certified and have PHP Qualifications. ? UNBEATABLE CUSTOMER...

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Producing great website designs that shout ‘look at me’, ensuring code is clean and standards compliant, creating great mobile experiences and ensuring this hard work gets the recognition it

Why Choose Me?

My name is Mary L. Davis I head a team of 5 specializing in WordPress(CMS),Joomla(CMS) and Mobile apps with over 10 Years of experience combined in the team we love new challenges and have a wealth of experience covering a range of projects. We enjoy new exciting projects and challenges and want to make the best sites possible which provide a return on investment for owner.

We've worked in consultancy for years and will make sure you're needs are adhered too and the working relationship is always a convenience .

We don't outsource any work. It's all completed by ourselves you'll only deal with one point of contact who will be your website manager.

We usually complete websites with full requirements in 24-48 hours after "acceptance of proposal" as long as you supply the correct content(products/images/text) we shouldn't have any problems.

The website(code) and imagery and content will be your own IP and confidential to you as a client.

We have a wide range of skills including Design, Marketing , SEO , Web Development, Mobile app Development, Web Consultancy ,Wix, Social Media and much much more. We pretty much cover all the bases.

We hope to hear from you soon. We're always open for a chat if you want to bounce ideas for free. Come give us a try today we're only a message away or alternatively contact us at:

SKYPEID: mywebservicepro

Work Terms

Our working terms is simple once you hire us you make you sure you found your guru account 100% before we can start your project.