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Remote Entrepreneur, Growth Hacker, and Business Coach across Asia, EU, USA.

My passion is facilitating innovation and globalization.

I'm a globetrotting entrepreneur specializing in growing seeds of ideas into vibrant businesses and pollinating products across cultural divides. Whether you've got just an idea or a multinational conglomerate, trying to find your first customer or trying to enter your 5th continent - I'd love to help.

I facilitate learning workshops with experts, lead design thinking initiatives for product development, and organize teams to give them the resources and will to execute on a new project. Then, with your idea in the wild, I weave together behavioral psychology, digital marketing, and international sales channels to make your business flourish.

My key skills: lean entrepreneurship, cross-functional project management, global business development, markets/consumer research, outsourcing, social media marketing, grassroots community engagement, sales, and inbound strategy (SEO, SEM, Content).

About Me
My mission is to tackle big problems by conceptualizing and implementing creative solutions alongside passionate experts to do the most possible good. I'm energized by audacious goals with powerful impacts, expanding my comfort zone through people and culture, and investing extra time into learning the important things schooling never covered. I want to empower passionate people with the technology to realize their visions. I measure my life by how much I've explored, what I've learned, the things I've created that will outlast me, and the people and movements to which I've contributed.

I'm an aspiring three-culture kid of Poland, USA, and Hong Kong on constant move with nothing but a backpack. I stand on the shoulders of giants, with mentors helping me truly understand leadership, psychology, and technology trends. I'm am an inquisitive lifehacker experimenting in ways to optimize body, mind, behavior in myself and others. Decompressing means cooking a great breakfast, martial arts, and live concerts.

Work Terms

Work on both Chinese/Hong Kong and East Coast hours as needed.
I prefer Google Hangouts or Skype for video communication.
I use Google Chat or WeChat for communication on the go.
Unless confidence is specifically requested, communication between a client and me is subject to inspection and processing by a my trusted executive liaison.

Payment for projects is structured by hours or milestones with related deliverables. For the latter, I receive payment on producing an outline/prototype, then the remainder on delivery of the requested product. Other milestones may be agreed upon if the project is more complex.