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  • Freelance Writer/Graphic Designer

    $11/hr Starting at $25

    I am a creative writer used to writing in a fast-paced environment. I am willing to write research papers, articles, and stories of any genre including erotica. I am also willing to do data entry, format...

    Brochure DesignData EntryData ManagementFlyer DesignGraphic Design


Excellent Writing, Reasonable Price

I am a university student who has been writing recreationally for 6 years, specifically science fiction and fantasy. I have also dabbled in comedy and romance. I have been mentoring other writers informally for several years, and have directed and run multiple collaborative writing projects temporarily. I admittedly have very little professional experience, however I am willing to work as hard as needed in compensation to deliver a quality product and am a quick learner. I am the most confident in my creative work, but am also fairly skilled with creating pieces to be used in advertisements or web sites as well as reports and research papers. I am used to writing in a fast-paced environment, generating creative ideas quickly, and researching topics that I have little to no background information from. I am currently studying biology (specifically, public health), however my interests range from linguistics, to sociology, to international affairs, and makeup and fashion. I hold an Associates Degree in Arts and Sciences (STEM specification) and am working on my Bachelors. I am very passionate about writing, I am willing to attempt any project. I am also familiar with Microsoft Office and Adobe Dreamweaver.