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    Sales Training A to Z.  - Stages of Sales - Connection with the client - Identifying the clients' needs - Product presentation using clients' needs - Handling objections  - Closing the deal - Negotiations...

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My goal is not to teach how to sell using certain techniques. My goal is to teach how to sell the client's future lifestyle with your product.

At the age of 13, I decided to save money, so I could go to study abroad, so I started working (summer jobs, babysitting, walking neighbors' dogs, etc.). I had no idea what I wanted to study but I knew that it should be a place where people live to work and not work to survive. So I have chosen Singapore.
I had to have 3 part-time jobs while I was studying there in order to pay my university bills, accommodation, and so on.
I graduated from the faculty of International Tourism and Hospitality Management and had no idea what to do next. Never in my life have I thought that I could work in sales. To me, the sales sector was only those people who keep bugging you all the time and wouldn't let you go. However, there was not much choice. I had to have a job and decided I could work as a sales representative in an English language school in 2015, while I am deciding what to do next. Since then, I have never left the sales sector again.
My career growth was rapid. In a year I became a Sales Manager with 12 Sales Representatives in my team, in 1,5 years after that I have become the Head of Corporate Sales with 30 Sales Representatives in my team, and in one more year I have become the Director of Sales with 500 Sales Representatives, 38 Sales Managers, and 3 Heads of Sales.
When I started working at this company there were only 11 Sales Representatives. As I was growing, the Sales Department was growing with me. I have opened a separate HR department (just to hire Sales Representatives), a Sales Training department, and a Quality Control department.
When I first joined the company sales were at the approximate level of $80 000/month, when I was leaving in 4,5 years - $3 500 000/month.
After leaving the company I worked as an external trainer and consultant for different companies, helping them to reach their sales goals.
In 2021 I started working at Mitsubishi Motors Corporation as a Business Trainer and continue working there till now.