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  • Ethereum
  • Software Development
  • App Development
  • Bitcoin Mining
  • Blockchain
  • Creative
  • Golang
  • Mobile Development
  • Node.js
  • Python
  • Solidity
  • Truffle
  • Amazon AWS
  • Android
  • API Development

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  • Blockchain and Smart Contract Solutions

    $35/hr Starting at $280 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    We develop custom blockchain solutions and smart contracts for all types of clients, from enterprises to startups. We have experience in all stages of blockchain development including the core, the sever...

    Bitcoin MiningBlockchainContractsCryptocurrencyElectron
  • Serverless Development (FaaS)

    $35/hr Starting at $280 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    If you don’t want to pay extra cost for hosting, then Serverless is a great option for you! In a Serverless world where you pay-per-trigger, you don’t need to write on/off scripts, plan reservations,...

    Amazon AWSAPI DevelopmentAWSAWS API GatewayAWS Cognito
  • Mobile App Development

    $35/hr Starting at $280 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    We have experience creating mobile apps for the iOS, Android, and Windows. We can design and build apps of any complexity to satisfy the needs of any business. Whether you want to develop a native app...

    AndroidApp DevelopmentBlockchainCreativeDocker
  • Product Design

    $35/hr Starting at $280 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    Your unique product deserves a unique and attractive design. We will create stunning designs for your website, software, and mobile apps while making sure your users will have a rich, intuitive and enjoyable...

    App DevelopmentBrandingCreativeDesignIdentity Packages


Blockchain and Custom Software Development

NordWhale is an outsource company that focused on blockchain and custom software development.

We maintain the goal that each of our clients will be completely satisfied with our work. That's why we go above and beyond the initial agreement with our clients in order to exceed all expectations.

Founded: 2016

Meet the Team

  • Olya Kolomoets

    Olya Kolomoets

    Project Manager

  • Alexey Kosinskiy

    Alexey Kosinskiy

    Blockchain expert, Developer

  • Serge Kolomoets

    Serge Kolomoets

    QA Engineer

  • Volodimyr Zynchenko

    Volodimyr Zynchenko

    Blockchain expert, Developer

  • Andrey Litvinov

    Andrey Litvinov

    Blockchain expert, Developer

  • Alex Shepelev

    Alex Shepelev

    UI/UX Designer

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