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  • Deep Learning
  • Image Processing
  • App Development
  • API Development
  • MySQL
  • Node.js
  • Python
  • React Native
  • Android Development
  • CodeIgniter
  • CSS
  • DNN
  • Machine Learning
  • OpenCV

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  • Digital Signal Processing

    $30/hr Starting at $25 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    - Audio processing. # Key word detection, TTS, STT, NMT, Chatbot, speech/speaker recognition, speech enahncement - Image processing # object detection, recognition, tracking # Face detection, recognition...

  • Nodejs Web Development

    $25/hr Starting at $400 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    Have 5+ years of experience in website development with nodejs. SSR with Nextjs or Nuxtjs. Using react or vue as frontend. Using material-ui, bootstrap or tailwindcss for components styling. As a senior...

    BootstrapCmsCodeIgniterCredit CardCSS
  • Mobile App Development

    $25/hr Starting at $250 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    Have developed almost all kinds of mobile apps, including iphone, ipad, android, for 4+ years. Have used java, kotlin; swift, objective-c for native mobile apps. Have used react native for hybrid mobile...

    AndroidAndroid DevelopmentAPI DevelopmentApp DevelopmentChart
  • Image processing

    $50/hr Starting at $25 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    LPR. LPR for several countries. deploy to several platform(windows, ubuntu, several devices.) LPR for Deeplearning & traditional OCR. Face Recognition. face recognition system for several platform...

    API DevelopmentDeep LearningDNNImage ProcessingMicrosoft Windows
  • Responsive Web Design & Backend

    $10/hr Starting at $300 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    Responsive and Dynamic Frontend Design: React.js, Angular.js, jQuery, AJAX, Bootstrap4, CSS3, HTML5. ** Social API: Login with Facebook and Google, Paypal/Card Payment Integration, Google Recaptcha. **...

    AjaxAngularAngularJSAPI DevelopmentApp Development
  • Hybrid Chat app with React Native

    $20/hr Starting at $400 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    Hybrid Text/audio/video Chat app with WebRTC technique in React Native Framework. Implemented Push Notification using Onesignal. Backend with NodeJS,

    App DevelopmentBack End DevelopmentChat SupportHybrid Mobile ApplicationsNode.js

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Website & Mobile App Development, Audio & Image processing, ChatGPT, Deep Learning, NLP, OCR, LPR, React, NodeJs, React Native, Django, Flask, Laravel, Algorithm & Data Structure

Ting is a freelance developer with 10+ years of experience helping a broad range of clients develop and refine their projects.

- Website Design & Backend Development with Laravel, CodeIgniter, Nodejs, Django, WordPress; CorePHP, React.js, Vue.js, AngularJS, jQuery, Javascript, Bootstrap4, CSS3, HTML5.

- Android / iOS app development with java, objective c, swift, React Native.

- Core technique on audio processing & image processing.
Significant achievement on offline NLP engines with the help of deep learning.

- Object Detection and Image Recognition, Image Segmentation with various DNN models such as YOLO, Fast R-CNN, Mask R-CNN, Google Inception V3, Resnet, Alexnet, Vgg16...
Much experience in ALPR, OCR, Lane Detection, Road Segmentation, Face Recognition.

- Good at mathematics, algorithm & data structure programming languages, as having ICPC career.

Work Terms

I am a full time developer.
Mainly use skype for communication.

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