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  • Back End Development
  • C#
  • Chrome Extension Development
  • Front End Development
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • Web Hosting


  • Software Engineer

    $80/hr Starting at $500

    Chrome extensions including the frontend, backend, hosting, security... If I can build a trading platform I can build any chrome extension that you can dream of. Below are some of the skills that I have...

    Back End DevelopmentC#Chrome Extension DevelopmentFront End DevelopmentJava


I help businesses make more money by collecting data to reach new insights and save money by automating repetitive tasks all using chrome extensions.

I started my career as a full stack developer (Java, Spring, JavaScript, Angular) at Morgan Stanley before moving on to an algo trading software company as a full stack developer (C#, JavaScript, React, Redux, SQL Server, RabbitMq ...). I've worked on various projects including: complex trading algos, web apps, security, dev ops. I now specialize in chrome extensions. Chrome extensions have this amazing ability to access tons of data and automate an activity that nearly everyone working person spends doing from 9 to 5, surfing the web.