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  • Algorithms
  • Database Development
  • Django
  • Google Sheets
  • Linux
  • Mathematics
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Python


  • Sviluppo matematico

    $50/hr Starting at $1K Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    Le mie competenze principali sono le seguenti: - Creazione e manutenzione di database con MySQL. - Creazione e manutenzione di database con Google Sheets. - Sviluppo in Google Apps Script. - Gestione...

    AlgorithmsDatabase DevelopmentDjangoGoogle SheetsLinux


My story is rooted in a passion for technology and digital development. With skills in Python, MySQL, Google Workspace, Microsoft Office, Git, Django Framework, Linux, LaTeX, and Google Apps Script, I have immersed myself in diverse and challenging projects.

I began my journey with Python, building everything. MySQL became my ally for designing efficient data storage systems. In the business environment, Google Workspace and Microsoft Office allowed me to collaborate and present professional ideas. Git became an essential tool for tracking and managing code changes. Django Framework expanded my horizons in web development, giving me the ability to tackle complex challenges. Linux captivated me with its flexibility and efficiency, broadening my knowledge of operating systems. Additionally, Google Apps Script empowered my Google Workspace applications by automating tasks.

Values like perseverance, honesty, and teamwork have been fundamental. My technological journey is far from over. With enthusiasm, I look forward to learning, innovating, and taking on new digital challenges in the future.