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In Indian folk lore the peacock is an exquisitely beautiful bird which symbolizes purity, vision, royalty, spirituality, awakening, guidance, protection and watchfulness. According to the lore the peacock dances and cries and the peahens consume the tears and fall pregnant. Thus the peacock has the ability to reproduce while remaining celibate. Lord Krishna, according to the lore had rescued, as requested by Indra, 16,100 women from Narakasura, who was holding these women prisoners. The rescued women requested Lord Krishna to save their honour and marry them. Lord Krishna granted their wish. He is also said to have married 8 more times who were his primary wives. With each of his 16,108 wives, he had 10 children. However none of these 1,61,080 children were not conceived by mating as with normal human beings. They were created by Lord Krishna with his divine powers. Thus he remained "AJANMA BRAHMACHARI" ('Ajanma' means forever and 'Brahmachari' is a person in Hindu culture who has taken a vow of celibacy for the rest of his life). Lord Krishna chose the majestic animals feathers as a crown to adorn his head. The peacock feather is symbolic and is usually associated with this divine character.

The name "PAVO" is inspired from the devotional song "Mor Mukut" which praises Lord Krishna. The song's literal translation means "Peacock Crown". "Pavo Cristatus" actually means Peacock. Thus came Pavo Group of Companies.

Pavo Technologies Private Limited is a Website Design and Development Company. It started on 23rd July, 2014. Founded by Mr Kumar Sharma, with him and Mrs Arunima Chakraborty as directors. The company provides above the par service in Website Design and Development. We also specialize in Mobile Application Development, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing and Hardware and Networking Support.

We also provide Premium Domains and Website Hosting.

Founded: 2011

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