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  • FileMaker 14,15,16 Certified Developer

    $55/hr Starting at $50 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    FILEMAKER 14, 15, 16 CERTIFIED DEVELOPER I have been developing FileMaker solutions since 2012. Some of my clients include: a major television production company in Los Angeles; a media/electronic sign...

    Data ManagementDatabase DevelopmentFilemakerInventory ManagementProgramming


I create custom FileMaker database apps with an emphasis on clean Graphic Design, Intuitive UI/UX, and efficient data management and analytics across LAN and WAN.

I was first introduced to coding at the age of 14 through a summer community education program where I learned Apple BASIC. After successfully completing the program, I returned the following two summers as a teaching assistant. Before the internet even existed, I programmed a local BBS and hosted it as a high school hobby using a smoking fast 300bps modem!
In college I took courses in Unix, Fortran, and Pascal, but at the time my focus was music and film. I have always had a dual love of the technical and of the arts, and I was fortunate enough to have a 20-plus year career as a motion picture camera assistant and operator which allowed me to utilize both. As much as my right brain loved creating beautiful images focusing on color and composition, my left brain loved maintaining and operating highly technical machines, optics, electronics, and software.
After many years working on set, I segued into a role as a segment producer on the Discovery Channel’s reality show, “Auction Kings.” Having never lost my love for computers (especially all things Apple) I immediately saw a need on the show for a database. Having built a few modest apps in FileMaker for my personal use, I cut my developing teeth in the heat of battle. The solution improved productivity so much that the executive producer kept me on after Auction Kings wrapped in order to design a much larger system for the entire production company.
Since then I have been freelancing as a FileMaker developer, educating myself along the way through on-line courses, FileMaker Pro DevCon seminars, FileMaker white papers and technical publications, and most of all through daily work with the software.
I am fortunate to have found another avenue for exercising my joint love of the technical and the aesthetic, and I look forward to continuing to grow in this exciting second career!

Work Terms

I am comfortable working hourly or on a per project basis with agreed upon milestones. I prefer billing per project rather than by the hour when the work is more involved, as I can provide more attention to detail when not governed by a ticking clock. In short, unless your project can be completed in a few days, you will get more value with a flat fee--and I can take more pride and ownership in my work!
I am not afraid of deadlines, but I am better bound by a calendar than a stopwatch.

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