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  • 3D
  • 3d Models
  • 3D Printing
  • Ansys
  • Cad
  • Cam
  • Design
  • Industrial Design
  • Mechanical
  • Product Design
  • SolidWorks


  • Mechanical Engineer

    $75/hr Starting at $75 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    I deliver full spectrum design from initial concept to final manufacture by utilizing CAD/CAM programs to generate 3D models and part drawings/documentation for in-house and external machining.

    3D3d Models3D PrintingAnsysCad


I take an idea from initial conception, where things are perfect in the virtual realm, to the very different process of creating something in reality.

I'm a mechanical engineer with an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for aesthetics and design. I love automobiles, fighter aircraft; high horsepower and stuff that goes BOOM!

I've had the opportunity to work on projects spanning from medical microneedles, of which I have started writing a patent for, to machining the surfaces of hydrogen ball valves used in heavy-lift rockets that take satellites into low-earth-orbit.

Outside of work-related activities I enjoy the outdoors, hiking, skiing, boating, fishing etc. Also produced electronic music under several aliases and DJ vinyl with a trusty set of Technics 1210s.

Work Terms

Hours operated: What it takes to get the job done.
Payment preferred: USD
Communication: email is fine for short-term projects, long-term or complex projects I have no problem discussing things at length on the phone or Skype.