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  • Python
  • Android Development
  • CodeIgniter
  • Flask
  • Java
  • jQuery
  • PHP
  • Bootstrap
  • Bootstrap 3
  • Bootstrap 4
  • Flask Web Framework
  • Google App Engine
  • Google Drive
  • Python 3
  • Twitter Bootstrap

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  • Web Development

    $20/hr Starting at $350 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    I will develop a web application for you using Flask/Django/CodeIgniter/Symfony backend and a Bootstrap/jquery frontend. Features include: Basic authentication and authorization (optional support for...

    Amazon AWSAngularJSBootstrapBootstrap 3Bootstrap 4
  • Google appengine

    $20/hr Starting at $350 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    I can develop web applications for the GAE (Google App Engine) platform using both Python and Java languages. Front-end typically includes a Bootstrap+jquery sprinked with the awesomeness of Google Fonts...

    ASPCSSGoogle App EngineGoogle DriveJava
  • Convert Website to Android web-view App

    $20/hr Starting at $350 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    Your site or web application may be well designed and good looking but we are living in the age of smartphones! Having an android app version of your web application in the Google's Play Store goes a...

    Administrative AssistantAndroid AppAndroid App TestingAndroid DevelopmentApp Development


Programmer and Writer

Educate and solve problems is my mantra and I'm here to provide you IT solutionsđź’». I work on Web Development and Desktop Development projects.

What sets me apart from most other freelancers is my adherence to a set of core principles that form the very basis of my freelancing processđź“—. These principles are:

👉 Work Ethics: Work Ethics towards the client goes into the very core of all my freelancing activity. Whether it's about managing source code or handling important documents or communicating📩 with the user, I understand that gaining long term success in freelancing world isn't possible without following basic work ethics.
👉 Discipline: Delivering the best results over time requires utmost discipline, be it in terms of processes📗 we follow, skills🛠 we acquire or how we interact, communicate📩 and deliver results to the client. I understand this well and discipline forms a core part of my values.
👉 Patience: Software Engineering is a relatively new and evolving field, debugging and fixing bugs isn't exactly straightforward all the time, and the same could be said about understanding the project requirements in the first place. This is where we need some patience to make the project a super success. Patience is a virtue I follow to the core.
👉 Consistency: Last but not the least, without consistently⏰ following the core principles and applying them to our processes, any success achieved will only be fleeting at best. Just as my skills, my freelancing process itself evolves with time⌛ and I strive to apply the new learnings to the best of my abilities.

Work Terms

Support: Email, IM, Skype/Zoom calls
Availability: Working Hours, IST (UTC+5.5)