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  • Data Analysis and Business Intelligence

    $20/hr Starting at $25

    I am looking for work in business intelligence projects. I work on various business intelligence tools to load, transform data and perform reporting on top of it. I work with an array of data sources...

    Amazon AWSAnalyticsBusiness IntelligenceBusiness Intelligence ToolsData Analysis


To work in Business Intelligence Projects to deliver value out of data.

I am looking for Business intelligence projects where organizations want to use the existing data to derive value out of the data.

I have worked in multiple projects of Business Intelligence which involves data loading, transformation, reporting of the data from various data sources.

I have worked with many data sources such as SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, SharePoint Lists, Odatafeed etc

Also, I have worked with data from various domains such as FMCG Secondary Sales data, revenue leakage data, KMS data, mobile application data etc.