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  • Blockchain
  • Ico
  • Python
  • Bitcoin Mining
  • Node.js
  • Ethereum
  • Angular.js
  • Cryptocurrency
  • iOS
  • ReactJS
  • Website Design


  • I will provide Blochchain Technology

    $50/hr Starting at $1,000 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    I am Senior Blockchain Develoepr with Strong Blockchain Background and will provide Cryptocurrency Exchange Platforms, Trading Bots, ICO, Tokens, Coins and Smart Contracts.

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Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Token, ICO & Coin Developer

My name is Qiang and I have been working in Blockchain, Cyrptocurrency, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Coin and ICO for 7 years.

Blockchain has started touching all the fields of life. It's an emerging technology which would soon dominate the world.

I am a blockchain developer having an expertise in various domains of blockchain development. I have skills, technical knowledge and rich experience of working on wide varieties of Blockchain projects and I'm always ready to take up new upcoming challenges on the work front.

Since it's a very dynamic field, I have kept track of and adapted to all the evolving changes, technological advancements, and client's requirements in order to be effectively equipped to handle all the projects I work on.

My key contributions to the field include:

1. Helping people launch their own ICOs. I have successfully completed more than 25 of such projects.
2. Expertise in Ethereum, Hyperledger and Bitcoin project development.
3. Expertise in writing Smart Contracts.
4. Development of Stock Exchange Market on Ethereum Blockchain.
5. Building cryptocurrency exchange.
6. Creation of Asset Registry Platform.
7. Blockchain in Healthcare, finance, gambling, supply chain, inventory control etc.

Here I'm including some of my projects:

1. Soarcoin, Solidity
2. Solomonex
3. CTC [Carbon Token Classic]
4. Digital Asset Monetization
5. ROC ICO (also built wallet)
6. Sigma Coin ICO
7. Block Options (Betting Game)
8. Xinfin
9. CC Coin
10. Solomonex [Exchange]
much more....

I am agile enough to make personalized projects to suit your requirements and ideas, be it something mentioned above or something new and innovative.

Looking forward to working with you.