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  • SQL
  • CSS
  • Design
  • Developer
  • MySQL
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Ruby On Rails
  • Agile
  • Database Development
  • Graphics
  • Linux
  • Outlook
  • PHP
  • PostgreSQL

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  • Ruby programming, Rails web-apps

    $40/hr Starting at $400


    AgileAPIApp DevelopmentComputer GraphicsCSS
  • Relational Database Design

    $40/hr Starting at $400

    I love relational-databases. The declarative-style of programming that SQL offers means you'll usually get better results in less time, and less code. I've studied the relational-database writings of...

    AgileCSSDatabase DesignDatabase DevelopmentDesign
  • PostgreSQL, pl/pgsql, Postgres admin

    $40/hr Starting at $400

    I love SQL. Absolutely love it. Specifically the PostgreSQL project. If you need a complicated query, I can probably help you. I've got experience writing queries exceeding 1,000 lines, joining many...

    Database DevelopmentMySQLPgSQLPHPPl
  • CSV manipulation, record-linking, etc.

    $40/hr Starting at $400

    CSVs have been around for a long time, and I foresee them being around for a long time to come. They're simple, versatile, and just about every spreadsheet program, database program, etc., can work with...

    App & Mobile ProgrammingCSV (Comma Separated Values)ImportRecord KeepingResponsive Web Design
  • Full-stack Web Developer

    $40/hr Starting at $400


    Adobe InDesignAdobe PhotoshopAPI DocumentationBootstrapCentOS


Simple, fast, and correct. I rock solid design principals and don't mess around when it comes to getting things done on time and within budget.

Over 15 years ago I started learning HTML by right-clicking = view-source. Do you remember HTML Goodies? I do. :)

Today I'm a full-stack developer with experience in HTML, CSS, Vue.js, Ruby, Rails, SQL, and specifically PostgreSQL, FreeBSD, server setup, migration, ETL, etc.

I ignore passing fads and focus on what matters: getting the work done correctly, on time, within budget, and according to spec. I also make it fast and scalable.

Work Terms

I'm on the Pacific time-zone. I'm generally available via e-mail from 9am Pacific to about 6pm Pacific. I prefer communication via e-mail and text, but if you prefer phone I am open to that.