Radovan Loncar

Apatin, Vojvodina, Serbia

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Radovan Loncar

Nothing is impossible. Never make my client feel bad about my works! Always response to clients and listen to them carefully! Learn from them! Clients are my teachers and funders.

Hello thank you for your reading my profile.
As an embedded system developer and hardware designer with more than 6 years of experience, I have been working on a lot of projects before. I can say that I have no problem with dealing with any kind of embedded software and hardware design whether it is STM32, ARM or whether it is schematics of FPGA miner or PCB design. Basically I have a strong ability to deal with all kinds of MCU developments and hardware design. If you have a demand for this field, please tell me. I will always be a listener to you and will make your idea as real in high level. I will be always available to you whether it is midnight or weekends, it doesn't matter. I think the client is the most prior to me.
Here is my expertise.

- Industrial electronics
Sensor technology, New energy resource like solar energy, Production equipment, PLC,
Automatic Control, Servo Control, Advertise machine
- Power Devices
AC/DC inverter, converter, Switching power, Power management system
- Robotics
Service Robot, robot man, training robot, learning robot, industrial robot, farm robot...
- Intellectual facilities
Intellectual light, Intellectual monitor, Intellectual Switching, Intellectual plugin
- Medical devices
Health care. Blood pressure meter, Glucose meter, Heart rate meter, ultrasound wave,
massage machine, ECG recognition, PPG
- Recognition system
Door open/close system, Alarm machine, Camera, Video recorder, image recognition,
Fingerprint recognition system, Face recognition system
- Embedded devices
- Automatic control
Motor control, Servo control, BLDC motor control, Current control
- Sensors
acceleration sensor, temperature sensor, air sensor, Earth magnet sensor, Speed sensor,
power sensor, flow sensor, OBD connector
- Circuit Design
PCB design, sketch design
- MCU available
Atmel, Broadcom, Holtek, Intel, Mitochip, Nordic, Qualcomm, STM, Arduino, Raspberry Pi,
ESP12, ESP8266, ESP32

Work Terms

I can work more than 30 hours every week, The payment should be processed via this site.