Rajesh B K

Vellachippara, Tamil Nadu, India

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Rajesh B K

I have been a Senior Software Engineer for the 5+ years.I am very familiar with Python/Django technology. I have been working with these technologies mentioned below.

Django is an open source Python web framework to create database applications and complex websites quickly. Django follows DRY priciple of Python programming language within their code base. Python and Django are high-level, multi-paradigm programming tools that can be used for nearly any development project, with the Django framework itself being ideal for more complex and repetitive tasks such as data parsing or mobile-to-mobile communication

Duties handling:

Developed web features in Python using Django .
Customized Django admin console with different user permissions.
Developed a project management tool that allowed a user to manage relevant human resources (e.g., hours worked by certain individuals) in a project, along with the user's own assignments.
Integrated Push notification using Firebase.
Launched micro service in Flask framework.
Added Front End functionality with AngularJS.
Integrated message queuing system with CELERY and RabitMQ .
Integrated Magento import in Django site.
Integrated multiple payment gateways.