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    $50/hr Starting at $75 Ongoing

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    • Twelve years of experience in Banking and NBFC sales domains • One year Professional certificate program in marketing and sales Management in IIM -K • Skilled in leading, mentoring & monitoring performance...

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Mindset is important.

In the world, we are daily here one-word Failure. What is the reason for Failure?

No personal Goal setting......How it correct ...Please Give me a chance to explain.

Mainly four types of mindset have People. First is Losers mindset .second is comfort zone Third one Averages and Fourth is UNSTOPPABLE Mindset

The first three category people doing their work without planning and they have no personal Goals, They are producing failures. Others consider it as an experience and convert it into success.

Here we are helping to frame Your personal Goals. Mainly four types of goals help to lead a successful life.

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Founded: 2019

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