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if you can't explain it to an 8-year-old, you don't understand it. - Albert Einstein

I believe in excellence. Writing isn't about just putting words on paper, it's about expressing ideas. Like any art, the writer has only been successful if the reader sees what he sees, hears what he hears, and feels what he feels.

I am an experienced writer with 54 books published; in addition to my 500+ page web site and 3 blogs. Let's just say, I've been writing for a while. I started writing as an engineer, writing proposals for the company I worked for. As such, my writing had to be clear, concise and answer the questions before they were asked. My writing had to convince the higher-ups in the company to spend money, make changes and believe in what I was saying.

When I write, I strive for clarity, simplicity and something that will stir the reader to action. Any subject, no matter how dull it seems, has something in it that can excite; otherwise it would die from apathy. I want to find that thing which excites and express it to others.

Service Description:
I firmly believe that every writer has a niche. The Internet is full of writers who say they can write about anything, and I won't argue with them. There is a difference however, between writing something and writing well about it. Why write about just anything, when I can write well about some things?

I have Five general areas in which I consider myself a strong writer. While each of them seem totally separate from each other, they form the structure of who I am, and where I've come from.

1 - Survival and Prepping
2 - Technical Subjects, especially Manufacturing
3 - The Construction Trades
4 - Marriage and Family
5 - Christianity and the Bible