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  • Analytics
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • C++
  • Career Development
  • Data Analysis
  • Data Management
  • Engineering
  • Learning
  • Linux Programming
  • Machine Learning
  • Networking
  • Planning
  • Programming
  • Python
  • R Programming

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  • Data Science Developer

    $25/hr Starting at $50 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    Hi, my name's Adam, I'm a 5 year Marine Corps veteran, a software engineering student, and a data science developer. During my 5 years in the Marine Corps, I worked in signals intelligence in an IT specialist...

    AnalyticsArtificial Intelligence (AI)C++Career DevelopmentData Analysis


Data Developer committed to strong, clean, and secure code. I work with you until we are both satisfied with the product.

I am a Marine Corps veteran of 5 years, I have experience in the Python, C++, and R programming languages. I am a full-time Engineering student in the Kansas City area, and I plan to become a Software Engineer when I graduate. My passions lie in Artificial Intelligence, Penetration Testing, Networking, Mathematics, and Physics.

I also a knack for writing and editing, as well as planning.

Work Terms

I am a full-time college student, so my schedule is usually a rather hectic. I prefer to work solo on a project or to be able to do my portion of the work when I have the free time. I can usually commit to at least 15 hours of work a week, if you need more we can discuss it, I doubt I can handle any more than 30 hours per week anytime during the fall or spring though.