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  • Business Plan Writer

    $8/hr Starting at $100 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    You want to get your business started. You're a craftsperson, a salesperson, a logistical wizard, a mechanic. You are not a writer. You hate formats and filling out forms and tables and well, words...

    Business PlanningMicrosoft WordPitch DeckPitch LettersPlanning
  • Sales Presentation Writer

    $12/hr Starting at $36 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    You created a great product or service. However, that's the part you're great at. Telling other people about it, never mind trying to close them, makes you feel incredibly uncomfortable. Oh, you believe...

    CreativeMicrosoft WordSalesSignageWriting
  • You need a political letter written

    $50/hr Starting at $150 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    Might be a FOIL or some other form of Public records request. Might be necessary to present a position to an elected Official. In both cases, you feel out of place because the moment you hear the word...

    Letter WritingMicrosoft WordWriting


Learned how to write the hard way: in barren retail spaces that somehow became campaign headquarters. I can still hear the chairs being dragged across the floor before volunteer meetings.

Started writing for politicians when I was still in High School. Obtained my first "political job" on Beacon Hill. I was hired as the speech writer for then Representative Joan Menard. In a few years, she would become the State Chair of the Massachusetts Democratic Party.

I receive more accolades for my sales abilities but without my ability to write presentations, a lot of sales agreements never would have happened. I understand the need to keep politics out of sales and sales out of politics. I also understand that closing skills often define success or failure in both arenas.

In case you are wondering, yes my closing skills got sharpened because I was one of those "timeshare guys". Long before I was the sales director at the Newport Bay Club, I was a Line Salesman for the Cendant Corporation. With just a couple or in a room of eight couples, I had ninety minutes to make it happen with people I had never met before.

Because i think it is important to always have retail sales as part of my life, I do have a contract where I sell golf clubs. I can tell you that fitting, changing grips, and selling sets of clubs is a lot more tame than the timeshare world.

I am adaptable enough to write a 7 minute speech that supports the 30 page policy paper or drilling in that 90 minute presentation so it fits a retail format. Even if you have a business plan template that needs to be followed, I can still make it sound like "your voice".

For that reason, I will probably suggest we speak on the phone. I need to know “how you came up”. I need to understand your version so every word conveys your passion.

Work Terms

You can choose the way we communicate. Email, message on social media, text, or phone call if you like. You have to be comfortable and authentic in your own choices - I will just adapt accordingly..

I do keep the phone on at night so you can reach me in an emergency situation.

If we have never worked together, you will notice I set my price lower than some competitors. I believe in lowering your “assumed risk”. Once we have worked together a couple of times, and I have established that I do quality work in your eyes, then I will raise my price a tad at a time to match what I get paid by politicians who just call me up and hire me.

Most of the time, your project can be turned around in 48 hours if not 36. I got the feeling that when I see a long bid window posted, that person is price conscious. Let me know if that is an issue. Again, if we haven't worked before in the past, or only a couple of times, I am willing to take that into consideration price was.

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