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  • Steve 900 · Apr 17, 2024

    Sajid did exactly what I asked for and worked very fast - in the timeline that I needed. He took direction well and was an excellent communicator. Will definitely be working with him again

    for Highlight Rows in a Spreadsheet (URGENT)

  • Igor 169 · Mar 22, 2024

    Sajid was very knowledgable and helpful. I tackled a complex issue and got to the bottom of it. Great communication too! Highly recommend!

    for Launch Supabase cluster

  • Pascal 63 · Mar 19, 2024

    We requested the services of Mr. Khan to validate the quality of parts & packaging from our new supplier during and after production. His professionalism and thoroughness in his work allowed us to be confident in the quality of our new products. I highly recommend Mr. Khan for similar projects.

    for Quality Control and Audit - P5850

  • Carlos_Bieberach · Feb 27, 2024

    Sajid was able to complete the task in the time he said he was going to. He is responsible and very good at communicating as the project advances. Will definitely hire him again.

    for Add Push Notification to Android App.

  • Pascal 63 · Feb 23, 2024

    I'm fully satisfied of Sajid services. He is a very professional guy, I recommend him. On my side, I will certainly ask Sajid for other mission in futur

    for Quality Control and Audit - P5850

  • Pascal 63 · Feb 21, 2024

    Sajid is a very profesionnal person, he understood immediatly the goal and objective of our mission. Sajid provided a quality of work over than what we expected. For sure I will hire Sajid again and again in future.

    for Quality Control and Audit - P5850

  • Templar 1 · Jul 01, 2023

    Kind of got off to a rough start, but Sajid got through it and completed the task correctly. I am very pleased with the work and would hire him again..

    for Bid work sheet

  • Panos 17 · Jun 15, 2023

    Great collaboration, Fast and efficient


  • Brooke 65 · Mar 21, 2023

    Sajid was great! Very thorough in communication. He verified what I wanted done specifically before beginning on the project and the turn around time was immaculate! I will be using him again in the future!!

    for Microsoft Excel - Pivot tables and chart

  • Ashley Road · Feb 18, 2023

    Another project perfectly delivered, 100% satisfied and very fast.

    for Extracting Data from a website to excel

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