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  • Amazon Sales and Marketing Expert

    $100/hr Starting at $25 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    Professional Amazon Consultant to Leading Brands Please ignore the payment terms. We aren't in the business of cookie cutter fees and solutions. We prefer to delve deeper into client needs to provide...

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Amazon Sales and Marketing Expert

Professional Amazon Consultant to Leading Brands
All-Round Amazon Expert with Access to A-Team Across all Functions Related to Selling on Amazon.

Strengths and Skills:
- Seller Central and Vendor Central
- Product Selection and Sourcing
- Supplier Negotiation to Get the Best Prices
- Branding and Brand Personality for Optimum Brand Positioning in the Market
- Product Listing and Content Optimization. Organically get more traffic and higher conversions.
- Image stack design and execution
- Amazon Specific Sales copy
- Keyword Research, Prioritisation and Implementation
- Product Launch and Maintenance. Bringing new products to market and landing on Page 1.
- Amazon Marketing Service (AMS) to boost your products and lower your Advertising Cost of Sale (aCOS)
- Business Strategy. Expansion, growth and management.
- Seller Account Management
- Building Your Virtual Team
- Flat files and Advanced Amazon