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"Creative Solutions To Your Head-Banging Marketing Problems!"

Welcome to the Asylum!

Shel-Shok, LLC provides creative, strategic and integrated marketing services for individuals and businesses globally. In a nutshell, we keep clients from continuously banging their heads against the wall by offering solutions to various business and marketing problems. From consulting with clients to ‘help them help themselves’ to full-service writing, graphic design, web design, mobile marketing, social media and marketing consulting to providing networking events and workshops for entrepreneurs… the “Shok Dok” is always in!

Establish in 2006

Michelle Sawyers Harris (aka “Shok Dok”), founder and marketing strategist, originally began using the name shel-shok in the early 2000's. The name is a play on words that symbolizes a combination of her nickname and the tendency for her to shock clients after magically producing outstanding work with very little information to start. Since shell shock is a term for a psychological disorder caused by traumatic events, it all too well played right into her interest in medicine.

The Brainchild

Michelle is a Ph.D. candidate in management/finance (exp 2019) and she earned an MS in marketing/communication, an MA in biology (exp 2018) and a BA in premed/biology. Her education also includes fine arts, advertising, web design, project management, medicine and education. Having worked in private industry and government for 15+ years, she is now devoted full-time to her "patients" (Guru clients since 2006). Her childhood dream to become a doctor and earlier career in medicine served as the inspiration for her brand and unique approach. Current research interests include biomimicry and artificial intelligence (AI).

Go Green!

Michelle is a nature-lover and founded Green Matter, an environmental education company. She enjoys teaching science (and cool bugs too!) and encouraging greener living including helping business owners implement eco-friendly "green" business practices to help conserve resources.

Founded: 2006

Meet the Team

Work Terms

Our “shok treatments” mirror that of a physician and involve several critical TLC steps:

New patients are expected to make advanced payments using SafePay escrow but terms are made on a case-by-case basis. Once you check into the creative asylum, we find out some basic information about your company, products, goals, target market, competitors, etc. through our pre-screening session. This is the most important step in the process!

Once all information has been gathered, we analyze and provide you with recommendations for treatment that best fits your situation. All treatments are spelled out in detail, so you know exactly what you get along with an estimate of total costs. We never charge for more than what you absolutely need.

During the production stage, we work closely with you every step of the way. Treatment modalities involve more than just a “band-aid” – we don’t just make things pretty or sound good. Drafts and comprehensives are presented with unlimited revisions to final selections (within reason).

Upon completion, all works are delivered to you in the required formats whether for print, web, mobile, multimedia, etc. Safepay escrow is typically required – upfront payments for small projects and down payments and milestone percentages for large/ongoing projects – but work terms are determined on a case-by-case basis. Exceptions may be made for repeat and loyal clients.

Expect a follow-up from us to see how things are going and ensure that all treatments have been effective in helping. We are also available for periodic checkup-ups and wellness treatments as a courtesy extensions of our services.

Regardless of your needs, the "shok dok" is always in. 911 us for a customized quote, additional info or samples of our work specific to your project needs!