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  • Ansible
  • Apache
  • AWS
  • Azure
  • HAProxy
  • Lamp Stack
  • MariaDB
  • MongoDB
  • MySQL
  • Nagios
  • New Relic
  • Shell Scripting


  • Sr. Cloud, Linux and Devops Engineer

    $10/hr Starting at $50 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    Working as a Devops Engineer & Cloud engineer. Managing Prod, Stage,Dev, load testing and QA environments, working together with developers to manage daily development tasks.I am a good team member and...



Basically i am working as a Sr. Linux System Admin with good knowledge about cloud services ( AWS and Azure ) and Devops Culture. Passionate for automation.

I started my career as a hardware engineer after that i gave Linux training to engineering students. I joined diff-2 software organization to enhance my careers and knowledge.
Right now i am Sr. Cloud engineer and following are the my key responsibilities are
) Roles and Responsibilities:

Work together with Developers, QA and mobile team to resolve issues.
Manage Dev, QA, Stage and Production servers.
handle application release task and push new features on prod environment.
Manage and coordination with infra team and keep sharing all things which will helpful.
Manage infra scaling and provide solution as devops culture way.
Manage and create backup policies and infrastructure automation is our main priority.

3) Server infrastructure managed by following key technologies:

Caching: Varnish, Memcached, Redis, CDN ( Cloudfront and Custum CDN
with naginx )
Load Balancer : Haproxy and Amazon ELB
Web Servers : Apache and Nginx

MySql Server Administration:

Installation, Upgrade, Backup, Restore, table optimize, repair, MySql master-slave
replication, Master-Master Replication MySql Cluster with parcona xtradb MySql Cluster

MongoDB Server: Installation, Configuration, Backup, restore, Password Authentication and Replica Set Cluster Environment.
Monitoring: Nagios, NewRelic, ELK ( Logs Monitoring )
Domain Management: Cloudflare, Godaddy, Justhost etc.
Amazon Web Services ( AWS ):
EC2, EBS, ELB, EIP, RDS, S3, s3cmd (s3 CLI tool ), Cloudfront, VPC, Route53, AWS CLI
a) Configuration
b) Migration
c) Deployment
d) Installation
e) Resource Creation
Primary Operating Systems Administration: Linux ( RedHat, Centos and Oracle Linux ) version 6 and 7
Secondary Operating Systems Administration: Ubuntu, Amazon Linux
Automation Tools:AWS CLI, Ansible and Shell Script.