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  • 2D Animation
  • Animation
  • Motion Graphics
  • Promo Videos
  • Videos
  • Web Animation
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Animation Master
  • Character Design
  • Corporate Promotions
  • Editing
  • Explainer Video
  • Online Video Marketing
  • Sales Promotion
  • Sales Videos

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  • Explainer Video/Web Videos/Animated

    $25/hr Starting at $900

    We’re a leading animated explainer video production firm with more than eight years of experience. With our expertise, we’ll craft a video for you that engages viewers with powerful, easy-to-understand...

    2D AnimationAdobe After EffectsAnimationCharacter DesignEditing


Explainer Video/Web Videos/Animated/Homepage/Marketing/whiteboard

For Quick View purposes My ShowCase

We have over 8 years of experience working as animated explainer video production firm. We will craft you a video that will truly engage viewers with powerful visual that will be uniquely creative, clear captivating and compelling. Our contents are created out of well-researched, SEO and brand aware methods that will give your video its unique personality. That’s why every color, element, character, and shape is chosen with care, to perfectly convey your message.

It will help you reach your audience with a concise, creative explainer video that maximizes the appeal of your message. We pay attention to the details, no matter how small. We consider numerous designs, animation style and select only the best fits for you. The video is a collection of multiple processes, they are creative and require great skills, but a video cannot be complete without your input. That’s why we make sure that we are transparent in the entire process to get your feedback on script, Storyboard, visuals, animations and sound. We also make sure to deliver the final work on or before the agreed deadline.

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Founded: 2010

Meet the Team

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    Project Amanger

Work Terms

Payment Schedule
Customers have the option to pay 100% up front or pay on a 50/50 schedule. Stellar Videos require a 50% deposit prior to project
commencement and the remaining 50% to be payable upon video completion. Once the video has been given final approval, Stellar Videos will
issue the final invoice. The client will receive the full handover package once the final payment has been received.

Reasonable Response Time
The total project timeline is estimated with a “reasonable” response time from the client for deliverables. The client will be given two working
days to respond to each round of work submission. A response time longer than two days will negatively affect the project timeline. The client is
allowed more time to respond, however, Stellar Videos will not be responsible for project delays as a result.

The number of revisions allowed for each project stage is determined in the packages shown in this document. Project stages will be defined
as: Script, Storyboards, Voice Over and Animation. Any further revisions will need to be quoted for.
‘Back-tracking’ Revisions
Once a stage has been given approval, any changes to that stage later in a project will result in additional fees. Video production flows like a
waterfall, where one stage must be complete before moving onto the next one. Therefore, any changes to a previous stage will lead to work
being repeated, resulting in increased labor costs.
Additional costs estimate for each repeat stage
• Full voice over recording after the sample is approved $100
• Script changes once voice over is recorded $200
• Storyboard scene changes once animation is submitted $400
• Voice over changes once animation is submitted $500
• These are an estimate and can be reduced depending on the amount of work required.

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