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I sell perspective. With 9 years experience, I do a full service of CGI, from animation, vfx, modelling for game assets, 3D Prints, graphics, flyers, and a variety of all sorts of things.

I have been doing this for 9 years and I use a plethora of programs to bring your imagination into fruition. I use Zbrush (3D sculpting program), Substance Painter (procedural painting program), Maya/3DStudioMax (modelling and animation program), Adobe suite; Photoshop (painting/photo manipulation), AfterEffects (video effects, animation, editing), Illustrator (vector graphics, flyers, logos), Solid Works (CAD design, engineering), and Slic3r (3D print).

I have been apart of a lot of local arts projects in my home city, and have a lot of experience with working on large projects, even curating a gallery.

What I have always wanted to do is take what I've seen in my dreams, and imagination, and get it on screen, which has been very interesting for me. Doing commercial art is interesting as well, because of all that awesome ideas that you all have!

I love working here, and working with you all, because I've gotten some interesting requests through this site.

I look forward to working with you in the future!

Work Terms

I do AAA work but can also work on a budget to deliver quality product inside your deadlines. My availability is flexible, but I also have a sliding scale based on the time frame you wish to have your project completed.

Time frame you want me to complete the project in (a project can take a couple of hours, but this is based on when you need it done):
$10/hr = 3 weeks
$15/hr = 2 weeks
$20/hr = 1 week
$30/hr = 3 days
$40/hr = same days

I work on all sorts of projects from one offs and simple graphics that take me an hour or so, to large full scale productions like small android mobile games. This means I have different safepay requirements.

$50 = 50%
$100 = 45%
$400 = 40%
$800 = 35%
$1500 = 30%
$2000 = 25%
$2500 = 20%
$3500 = 15%
$5000 = 10%
$10000 = 8%
I also ask, that with all projects, that I am able to use stills and video samples of the products on my portfolio, with my watermark on them so people can't use the images, for the safety of your intellectual property.