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  • Architecture,Urban Design, Engineering

    $50/hr Starting at $3,000 Architecture Studioarch4’s services vary depending on the program type and level of intervention but the base is always innovation on creating architectural spaces and on the same...

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Each new situation requires a new architecture.

Studioarch4 is a design studio located in Tirana, Albania, focused in innovation, research and project managing in the fields of Architecture, Urban Design, Engineering and development. Studioarch4 was founded in 2011 by a young group of distinctive architects who complement each other to create a synergy of ideas. We are highly dedicated and our aim is to contribute in a better build environment. We believe that innovation in this field offers a lot of potential and possibilities. We see architecture as a tool that improves the everyday life in terms of social behaviour, economic income and cultural impact.

Founded: 2011

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