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I make your favorite T-shirts. Amazing custom art, hand lettering and color separation for screen printers and T-shirt aficionados.

Steve Yarzinsky is The Tshirt Artist. He is an expert at creating graphics for screen printing with over 20 years of experience working in apparel decoration. His reputation as an illustrator has led him to design shirts for some of the most recognizable brands in the world including Scooby Doo™, Dora The Explorer™, The Simpsons™, Dexter's Laboratory™, Speed Racer™, Captain Caveman™ and Hershey's Chocolate®. Today, he creates t-shirt art for clients around the world and delivers ready-to-wear t-shirts across the USA. Whether you are printing 12 shirts for your team or 120 shirts for your store, when you hire The Tshirt Artist, your designs will exceed the highest level of retail quality standards.

Work Terms

Custom artwork like you see in my Custom portfolio starts at $250 for a black and white design with $50 added for each additional color.
Clip-art and font designs like you see in my Clip-art portfolio start at $50 for a black and white design with $5 added for each additional color.
Bonus offer: I can print and deliver your t-shirts to anywhere in the USA and the amount you pay for the design on Guru will be deducted from your print order!