Tim Sawicki

Collingswood, New Jersey, United States

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Tim Sawicki

WebGL and 3D Graphic solutions from the ground up

Please feel free to view some webGL proof-of-concept demos on my portfolio site - that link should be in the portfolio section below.

I've worked for the past five years almost exclusively with webGL. Jobs have included 3d model viewers, product configurators, bone-based animation, particle effects, procedural mesh generation, multi-layer 2D sprite environments, and motion capture/motion tracking for armature animation.

Prior to this I have about 2 years experience working on staff for a virtual reality lab.

I can work in a number of languages - and am currently most familiar with C, C++, GLSL, Java, Python, PHP and Javascript. I tend to pick up on what I don't know quickly, and am happy to do research for project solutions.

To expound upon the v.r. experience: While working on staff at the lab I was tasked with developing software for an accelerometer-based glove apparatus, learned about VR theory and methods of application, worked with a unity-like engine, and modeled in 3DStudioMax and Maya. I was also involved in the various upkeep and troubleshooting needs of a VR-capable network of nodes and projectors.

Work Terms

Prefer to work with either milestones or hourly time logged - can happily provide tracked hours with desktop image captures if so desired.