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  • Professional Economist/Financial Analyst

    $40/hr Starting at $40 Ongoing

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    I currently work as an associate professor of finance. I would like to use my skill set to work on economic/finance projects. My skill set is the following: 1. Data analysis: Analyze large amounts of...

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I work on anything related to finance, economics, data management, automation, and programming.

I am an associate professor of finance in San Francisco. I hold a PhD in international economics and finance from the University of California. I conduct financial/economic research, teach, and work on consulting projects. My skill set involves the following:

1. Data analysis: I am an expert at managing large data sets as well as analyzing data. I can program in SAS, Stata, and VBA/Excel.
2. Automation: I am an expert in make work processes more efficient.
3. Finance: I have experience in valuation. I have conducted 409A, 141R, and 142 for start ups and large firms. I have experience working for a hedge fund running back-tests.
4. I have a broad skill set involving finance, economics, data, and programming. I am able to work on various types of projects that require analytical skills.

Consulting experience includes:
1. Working as a senior valuation analyst for a valuation company. Conducted 409A, 141R, 142, and basic valuation services. Automated the valuation modelling platform to become more efficient.
2. Working as a senior hedge fund analyst for a start-up hedge fund. I ran the quantitative strategy, performed back-testing on new strategies, and automated process to create stock list for broker.
3. Performed data analysis for multinational companies on the benefit of tuition assistance programs.

Work Terms

My main job is working as a professor. I teach mainly at night because MBA students work during the day. That leaves 10-20 hours per week to work during the day on consulting projects. I can dedicate more time if needed.