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  • Consultant
  • Data Management
  • Design Process
  • Mapping
  • Business Impact Analysis
  • Business Process Mapping
  • Corporate Risk
  • Creative
  • Excel
  • Finance
  • Lean
  • Management
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Policy Writing

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  • Risk management

    $49/hr Starting at $29

    I have experience delivering enterprise and operational risk management solutions to large financial institutions, and to clients as a consultant to a Big 4 firm in Toronto, Canada. For Guru clients...

    ConsultantCorporate RiskExcelFinanceManagement
  • Process mapping and lean tools

    $49/hr Starting at $25

    I am extremely professional about my process maps and prepare them with my customer in mind. They must be meaningful to you, your organization and future employees. To that end, I insist on preparing...

    Business Process MappingData ManagementDesign ProcessLeanMapping
  • PowerPoint Presentations

    $49/hr Starting at $25

    If you have been a consultant for a while, you know how to prepare professional presentations using PowerPoint. Perhaps you have to prepare month end reporting slides? If you provide the data in Excel,...

    ConsultantData ManagementMicrosoft ExcelMicrosoft PowerPointPresentations
  • Process documentation and discovery

    $49/hr Starting at $25

    When people think about process documentation they think about the narrower topic of process mapping but process documentation includes any and all documents that go into supporting process including...

    Business Impact AnalysisConsultantCreativeDesign ProcessMapping


Better Risk Management and Better Processes for Everyone. Everywhere.

I am a creative risk management practitioner and efficiency expert with hands on experience improving business performance. I am also an innovative problem solver who understands strategy, customers, risk, process and behavior, who enjoys leading people, learning new things, influencing change and collaborating with everyone to improve people, culture and organizations.

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