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    $10/hr Starting at $100 Ongoing

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    I will create amazing and outstanding content for your Social media. With my creativity and knowledge as an Image Consultant, I will help you with aesthetic content to attract more people. What I will...

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Content Creation for Social Media

I am a 27 years old Image consultant from Guatemala, Guatemala City. I have a bachelor’s degree as an Image consultant and social media, and I am currently studying for a master’s in Image advisor and social media management. I have four years of experience creating written content for web pages and blogs, writing articles and landing pages. I also have experience in social media, doing copywriting and programming posts for Instagram and Facebook.

My goal is to keep learning new technical skills and use all my potential to help the company reach its maximum potential.

– Personality test results:

Skills Summary:
I am a creative person with a lot of skills in social media and marketing. I like to work with the image of brands, products, and people. My career has shown me through the years the importance of noticing every detail and good communication. Working as a content creator for blogs taught me the value of understanding the target audience.

Working in the production of music and art festivals gave me the experience of organizing schedules, internal and external communication, leading groups, managing logistics, and doing art direction. Other skills that I developed through working in production with international artists and people, was to communicate in English and Spanish and have everything planned.

I am an organized driven person that likes to have everything organized. Problem-solving and understanding people are some of my biggest assets, along with creativity. Thorugh my career, we faced different cases of company crises, and solving them is always our goal as Image Consultants. I like to help others and find solutions, also use my creativity to see other possibilities.

Top Skills:

1. Content creating, copywriting, and writing – 4 years of experience writing for traveling and entertainment blogs
2. Art direction – 3 years doing art direction for photo shoot and videos.
3. Communication – 2 year

Work Terms

Why should we work together?

I specialize in the creation of content for social media, including reels, videos, and designs for posts.
I love to work with projects where I can use my creativity and help you grow your identity on social media.
I like working on new projects with people like you.

To do that send your sketches, ideas, quotes, paragraphs, brand colors, and logo, and write down all your ideas.

The payment method that I use is Payoneer

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