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  • Software Development
  • Creative Design
  • Design Process
  • App Development
  • Business Services
  • Information Technology
  • Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
  • Mobile Development
  • Analytics
  • Animals
  • Budget Management
  • Business Models
  • Computer Engineer
  • Concept Development
  • Data Management

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  • Mobile and webapp development

    $25/hr Starting at $3,000

    More then 10y I develop mobile applications, web applications, and server solutions. I have a huge experience and released more than 100 apps already. You can be absolutely sure that I deliver quality...

    App DevelopmentInformation TechnologyLaravelMinimum Viable Product (MVP)Mobile App Development
  • MVP - Minimum Viable Product

    $25/hr Starting at $25

    Helping startups to build their unique product, starting with business and tech solution analysis. With best industry practices, we deliver live products within time and budget constraints to keep all...

    AnalyticsBudget ManagementBusiness ServicesCreative DesignDesign Process
  • Web applications

    $25/hr Starting at $25

    Front-end, back-end and DevOps services with Mobile-first approach. User-centered design and development allows your business to add necessary modules to an existing web solution. Service we provide...

    App DevelopmentBusiness ServicesCreative DesignDesignDesign Process
  • POC -Proof of concept

    $25/hr Starting at $25

    We help you to test your business model and predict project success before investing significant budget. Core features, rapid development, immediate and obvious value.Service we provide: we create value-driven...

    Business ModelsConcept DevelopmentCreative DesignDesign ProcessFeature Writing
  • IoT - Internet of Things

    $25/hr Starting at $25

    System of interrelated computing devices, mechanical and digital machines, objects, animals or people that are provided with unique identifiers ( UIDs ) and the ability to transfer data over a network...

    AnimalsComputer EngineerCreative DesignData ManagementDesign Process
  • API - Application Programming Interface

    $25/hr Starting at $25

    Cloud-based, Web or Mobile API, our goal is to help your business integrate an existing system to anything in a digital world. Third-party integrations, data pulling and management with high security...


Slava Reshetniakov - Technical Lead

I am a senior developer and solutions architect with 10+ years experience. I am specialised in development of web and mobile applications and server solutions. I am deep handson experience with various cutting-edge technologies including JavaScript (jQuery, ​AngularJS​, ​React​), NodeJS and PHP frameworks including Symfony 4/3/2​ and Laravel.​ I also has experience in deploying multiple projects to the clouds of ​Microsoft Azure, Google and AWS. I have completed multiple Fintech projects which include development of risk assessment mortgage software and a crypto currency exchange platform with digital security solutions. I have also completed projects parsing data across business documents in multiple formats and is skilled in creating algorithms.. I have a degree in computer science from Kharkiv State University (Cyber security faculty).