Vaughan, Ontario, Canada

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I deliver simple technology solution to business problems, constantly researching and implementing new approaches to old problems

* A paradigm changer: designed and promoted a move from on-premises Play/Oracle based solution to serverless Aws Lambda/ElasticSearch, addressed DevOps automation and Operation monitoring.

* Polyglot Solution Architect and Developer finding the best tool for the problem: brought up NoSql Couchbase to Sql Server environment achieve 600% increase in throughput to 3,000 req/sec replicated across two data centres on commodity hardware in-house and on Amazon AWS.

* Successful Innovator: used to explore, prototype, and stress test new technologies and approaches. Introduced open source rising star Elastic Search to deliver powerful search engine with a superset of functionality compared to a previous decision of safe bet to use Oracle Endeca.

* Technology visionary: in the environment of monolithic N-tier and C# .Net introduced micro-services using .Net and Node.Js alike to reduce deployment risk and to increase agility. Demonstrated approach on hosting services across two cloud providers: Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure.

* Critical thinker: for authentication built Node.Js and Couchbase service to handle over 1,000 req/sec with average 4ms response time to replace previously selected oAuth and Memcached solution.

* No failures, just a new way of thinking: experimented with 3 different NoSql databases (RavenDb, Cassandra, and Couchbase) installing across different cloud providers until successful PoC achieved.

* Non-conformist, ready to take on new technology challenges and succeeding: enriched Oracle-only consulting offering with Microsoft products team practices, while management was out-most skeptical on Sql Server and IIS performance and abilities at the beginning.