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  • Perl
  • Programming
  • Python
  • Active Directory
  • Amazon AWS
  • Apache
  • App Development
  • AWS Command Line Interface (CLI)
  • BSD
  • CGI
  • Cisco
  • Cisco Routers
  • Computer Hardware
  • Design
  • DNS

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  • System Administration

    $75/hr Starting at $25

    Windows, Linux, BSD, and Mac administration. Networking. Telephony. I am a skilled and experienced systems and network administrator with strong troubleshooting abilities. I am an expert in Windows, Linux,...

    Active DirectoryApacheBSDCiscoCisco Routers
  • Web Programming

    $50/hr Starting at $25

    I have developed and deployed web applications using Rails, Flask, Catalyst, as well as framework-less CGI and Serverless programs without frameworks. I lean more towards Perl but with the market being...

    Amazon AWSApp DevelopmentAWS Command Line Interface (CLI)CGIFlask
  • Scientific and mathematical programming

    $75/hr Starting at $100




Experienced dev/ops specializing in scientific computation

Why should you hire me?

* I'm very good at problem analysis, factoring, and modeling.
* I write working, documented, legible code (even in Perl) and commit it on schedule.
* I can debug and modify existing codebases unobtrusively
* I have a lot of systems administration experience in addition to development

I'm by education an electrical engineer but always found development and systems deployment more enjoyable. The majority of my work to date has been with DSP, spectral analysis, symbolic computation, probability, and information theory, but I am also happy to do "normal" programming when called for.

My strongest general purpose languages are LISP/Scheme, Perl, Python, Ocaml, Ruby, Forth, and C (in roughly that order), but I have programmed in just about everything over the years. I am also very good at Matlab, Mathematica, Octave, and Maxima.

I have deployed systems in SO/HOs, server rooms, datacenters, and the cloud. I am good at identifying resource bottlenecks and failures, and I can help you plan your resource acquisitions as part of the development process (at least on the cloud side of things).

I'm putting out my shingle as a dev/ops because I want to build quality software that solves your problems at the lowest possible operational cost.

Work Terms

I have found that hourly project billing for programmers produces some perverse incentives on both sides of the deal so I very strongly prefer to bid and work fixed price per project or milestone.