Xiaoqi Deng

Dalian, Liaoning, China

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Xiaoqi Deng

Embedded System & IoT Designer & Linux & Developer

Dear Client.

Thank you for your kindly visiting to my profile.

As High-Skilled Embedded System Designer, Developer and Manager, I have full experience and rich knowledge of Embedded System Development.

1) Rich Schematics and PCB designer.
- Over 10 years designing experiences using Altium Design Tool and Simulation Tools.

2) Firmware Development Experiences.
- Rich knowledge and experiences at C/C++/Embedded C.
- I like using various of MPU, ARM, PLD and embedded system equipment.
MCUs : STM32 family, PIC16F/18F/33F, Atmega family, 8051 family, NRF51822/52832, MSP430, LPC, Atmel, CC2540/CC2541, CC3200, MPU6050,
Wifi-MCUs : ESP8266/ESP32.
Arduino: Arduino UNO, Arduino Mega2560,
Linux-Embedded: Raspberry Pi, Beaglebone,
- Experience with Keil, IAR, Atmel Studio, QT IDE, Arduino, Visual Studio.
- Rich experiences at variant peripherals.
UART, I2C, SPI, USB, Ethernet, Bluetooth, Wifi, Gyro/Accelometor, GPS, GSM/GPRS, xBee, Zigbee, FTDI.
- LED controlling wih Neopixels.

3). Experience.
- embedded controlling system.
- Wearable IOT project.
- Variant BLE sensor project.
- iBeacon project.
- LED display and color controlling.

4) Special tech.
Fully mastered with BLE tech.
Worked with nRF-51DK, core nRF51822, beaconkit, NRF52832 dev-kit.
Adafruit BLE, Snapper.
CC2540/CC1350, sensor tag.
DA14580, DA14583.

5). Experience with platform.
- OS : Windows/Ubuntu/Mac OS,
- RTOS : Free RTOS, Android, UCOS-II,
As a full time freelancer, I can work upto 40 hours/week for clients without any holidays and weekends.
I'm always work on my client's timezone.

Thank you for your time.

Work Terms

40 hours/one week.