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  • Android
  • ReactJS
  • Angular
  • iOS
  • Bootstrap
  • Stripe
  • AWS
  • Django
  • Ionic
  • Material
  • MongoDB
  • Node
  • Socket
  • API Development
  • cPanel

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  • React.js Web (CRA, SSR, Next.js, Gatsby)

    $30/hr Starting at $250

    WebMaster with React.js specified. (+3 years) skills: redux / umi / server side rendering / graphql / apollo / rest api CRA: Gatsby: https:/

    API DevelopmentFront End DevelopmentReactJSRedux FrameworkTest Automation
  • Vue + Angular Web

    $30/hr Starting at $250

    Single Page Application Web Developer with VueJS, Angular. (2 & 4 years) skills: VUE: vue.js, nuxt, vuetify. Angular: Angular 8 / 9, Angular Universal, Primeng, Material. Past work: https

  • Python Web (Django, Flask)

    $30/hr Starting at $250

    Backend web developer with Python specified. (6 years) skills: rest_api (DRF), MVP (Jinja), database structuring (sql, nosql), deployment, scraping Django: https

    API DevelopmentBack End DevelopmentData ManagementDjangoFlask
  • AWS + GCP Web

    $30/hr Starting at $250

    Web Hosting and Saas platform management with Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform. (+4 years) AWS: Ec2, S3, CloudFront, Lambda, CodeCommit, GCP: Google App Engine, Google Cloud Storage, Google...

  • JAVA / Spring boot

    $30/hr Starting at $250

    If you are looking for help in programming then your search is over. With almost 3 years of hands-on experience in Java, C++, I am ready to put my effort into your projects, capstone projects. Provide...

    Administrative AssistantAngularAPI DevelopmentBootstrapC++
  • IOS / Android App

    $30/hr Starting at $250

    +7 years of Native IOS/ Android experience. I have built numerous apps. IOS URLS

    AndroidAndroid DevelopmentApp DevelopmentAppleChat Support

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Software Engineer - AWS | Python | Typescript | React | DevOps

Guess who's here - full stack developer, the best.

Do you have good ideas, and wanna make it real? or you look for a couple of skillful hands in your project?
My wish is to build more successful projects, and to help people to expand their business with my experience.

Master skills that I have, are listed here.
-Python 2.7, 3.7, Django 2, Flask, Scrapy
-React Hook, Angular 6,7, Vue 3, Redux, Ngrx
-NodeJS (express, koa), ECMAScript, Serverless (Lambda, Azure)
-SQL (postgres, mysql), NoSQL (mongoDB, dynamoDB, firestore)
-React Native, Ionic, Swift

DevOps experience
-Git, SVN, Jenkins
-Jest / Enzyme, Unit|Integration Test
-Docker, CI/CD, kubernetes, CloudFormation, Heroku
-Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Digital Ocean

I am a responsible, creative, pro-active developer, Above all knows my stuff well.
Happy, and ready to join your journey with my knowledge, at any time, any where.

Work Terms

Hourly rate: 30$/h.
Fixed project: 500usd.