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  • Agile Transformation Coach, ProductOwner

    $60/hr Starting at $50 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    I have 14 years of Strong experience working with IT Orgs and leadership of Businesses, helping them make better Products, Optimizing existing processes, thereby increasing their market revenue. I have...

    Agile CoachingAgile DevelopmentAgile Project ManagementBusiness CoachingBusiness Consulting


Agile Transformation Coach, Product Owner, Product Manager, Delivery Manager with 14 years of Strong experience

I have 14 years of experience working with IT companies and development teams helping them becoming Agile and create better products thereby increasing their market revenue.
I started my career as a Developer and was introduced to the world of Agile. As an Agile coach, I have worked with multiple Orgs using Traditional to Agile approaches. I train and coach Businesses in Agile values and Frameworks like Scrum, XP, Kanban, Lean, TDD, BDD practices and more. During this journey I worked with various companies - Government, Private, Financial in various roles and capacities.
I have helped teams to transition to or incorporate Agile values, principles and embracing the change showcasing the benefits of Lean development to Management. I strongly possess ability to assess and address Organizational maturity with Agile and identify the steps necessary to achieve Enterprise-level change and seek Continuous improvement.
I believe in continuous learning, looking for opportunities for improvement - Lean, Experiment and modify processes - inspect and adapt. Agile is a blend that provides us the properties which allows us to adapt early than later.
As per my experience the world is competitive, and innovation is the key. If you are not adapting or changing to become better every day, then it won’t be long that your competition will get ahead of you. The Mantra is not doing more with less, but doing it better - increase efficiency while trying to keep the costs less. While doing all that do remember what Leonardo Said "Simplicity is the ultimate Sophistication".
I also attend local Agile events and various meetups to exchange views and share experiences with other attendees, which I find very motivating and helpful to introduce and test new ideas and techniques to teams.

Work Terms

Terms of working are negotiable
In the past I have worked on hourly basis which worked without any issues. I will like to continue the same process.