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  • Android Development Framework
  • Mobile App Development
  • Kotlin
  • RxJava
  • Material UI
  • Java
  • Kivy
  • Programming
  • Python
  • Software Development
  • App & Mobile Programming
  • App Development
  • Cross Platform App Development
  • Desktop Application Development
  • Django

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  • Sr. Mobile Application Developer

    $50/hr Starting at $300 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    I'm a passionate and curiosity-driven Software Engineer specializing in Mobile application development with more than 5 years of hands-on experience. I can write clean, scalable, and testable code that...

    Android Development FrameworkApp & Mobile ProgrammingApp DevelopmentFintechFlutter
  • Cross-Platform Developer

    $30/hr Starting at $300 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    I can write small to medium scale Web and Desktop applications with Vue JS and Python Kivy. Over the course of the last couple of years, I have built few large-scale applications professionally along...

    Cross Platform App DevelopmentDesktop Application DevelopmentDjangoFlaskJavaScript


Sr. Mobile Application Developer

I'm a passionate and curiosity-driven Software Engineer with more than 6 years of hands-on experience.

My core expertise lies in Mobile Application Development. However, I have also been developing applications with Vue JS and Python-based tools, both professionally and as a hobby for the past couple of years.

I can write clean, scalable, and testable code that is easy to maintain, refactor, and expand. I take pride in my work and stand by its quality. Would love to bring your idea to life and suggest best practices.

I have experience in the following:

📱 Native Android:
- Language: Kotlin, Java
- State Management: RxJava 2
- Dependency Injection: Dagger 2/Koin/Hilt
- Architecture: MVP/MVVM
- Testing: MockK, Mockito/Kotest/JUnit/Robolectric/Spek/Espresso/Kaspresso
- Networking: Retrofit/OkHttp
- Misc: Custom views/Data Binding
- UI design with Material Design

🍏 Native iOS:
- Language: Swift
- State Management: RxSwift/ReSwift
- Dependency Injection: Swinject/Cleanse
- Architecture: MVVM/VIPER
- Networking: Almofire
- Misc: SwiftUI

🚀 Flutter:
- State Management: BloC/Redux/MobX
- Networking: Chopper
- Routing: AutoRoute
- Dependency Injection: Injectable/GetIt
- Immutable Data Classes: Freezed/Equatable
- Animations: Hero/Flutter Animations

💻 Vus JS:
- Vuex
- Vuetify
- Sass

🐍 Python Development:
- Web Frameworks: Django/Flask
- Front End: Kivy/KivyMD
- Data Visualization: Matplotlib/Bokeh/Seaborn
- Data Analysis: Pandas/Numpy
- Miscellaneous: Jinja2/BS4/Web Scrapping