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Unsupported Jobs

To ensure that we provide a secure and fair environment to our users on Guru, we do not allow certain jobs on our website. The following jobs are not allowed on Guru:

  1. Commission Only Jobs: Your payment structure has to include an established rate for the work being provided. You can incentivize your Freelancer with commission, but it can’t be the only thing.
  2. Requires Unpaid Work: All work you get done on Guru has to be paid for. After hiring a Freelancer, you can ask for mock-ups or samples, but make sure you pay for that work.
  3. Direct Hire: Our site is for freelance or contract work only. If you’re looking to hire someone for your company directly, we would not be able to post your job.
  4. Involves Schoolwork: We don’t allow work that includes assignments, dissertations, white papers, etc. for academic purposes.
  5. Advertisements: Sales ads, event announcements and classified listings are not approved on our platform.
  6. Need More Detail: If we don’t have enough information to match you with a Freelancer, or narrow down the results, we’ll ask you to provide more details.
  7. Poor Chance of Success: If we are not sure whether Guru is the best place for you to post your job, we would reject the job. There could be various reasons for this and you may Contact Us to know more.
  8. Potential Violation of TOS: You can’t post anything that violates our or another company’s Terms of Service.
  9. Unapproved Payment Method: We don’t allow royalty/equity-based compensation, bartering/trading, an upfront investment from the Freelancer or payment through any other gateways. Payments have to be made through our site. Explore our multiple payment options here.

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