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Unsupported Content

Your Profile helps the Employer to know you better. It gives you the opportunity to highlight your skills, capabilities and experience and get hired fairly.

You should not use your Guru Freelancer Profile to impersonate another person/company, commit identity theft, or engage in financial fraud. Any such activities, when detected, lead to immediate termination of the account.

Examples of unsupported content on a Profile include (not limited to):

  • Offering services like jailbreaking, hacking, reverse engineering/security obfuscation
  • Adding content from Craigslist, Wikipedia, or other sites
  • Distribution of intellectual property
  • Offering services to do schoolwork
  • Sharing material that is pornographic or profane
  • Offering services to manipulate the statistics of any platform (such as purchasing subscribers on YouTube)


  • Content on your Profile may be reviewed at any time. If you do not adhere to our guidelines, we can hide your Profile, remove your content or delete your account, anytime, at our discretion.

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