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The Best Way to Hire Comedy Writers for Your Next Project

Comedy writers provide an invaluable injection of humor, amusing observations, and funny snippets to bring content to life, whether you'd like to use comedy in your next marketing campaign, need expert assistance adding some jokes to a forthcoming presentation, or wish to hire comedy ghostwriters for a new book.

With more than 1,400 experienced comedy writers available to hire through Guru, we explain the scope of the comedy writer role and the types of work a comedy writer might do. We’ll also offer advice on writing a great job description to attract the right comedians to apply for your writing job!

What Is a Comedy Writer?

Comedy services cover a broad area, and writers for hire often have a specialism or focus which dictates the types of writing services they provide. However, the factor in common is that comedic writers aim to mimic the level and tone of humor you need to make written or verbal content vibrant and likable, resonate with the audience, and evoke laughter and smiles. The writer may use jokes, a play on words, or other writing techniques to create the comedy.

Across our business platform, you can also find comedy writers who work in niches or sectors or have a defined writing style, which could be relatable or satirical humor or the use of comedy to explain current events or political issues to keep the audience engaged. Some writers have expertise in books and articles while others are better at business writing or content creation.

Businesses and professionals can hire comedy writing experts for many types of projects, from working alongside a team developing a brilliant screenplay for a sitcom or hiring freelance ghostwriters to help with rewriting commercial content for social media publication. You could even hire comedians to write a book!

What Projects Do Comedy Writers Work On?

As we've indicated, comedy writing services can apply to a vast array of content projects. These writing services can be adapted to fit the personality of your brand, the theme of your YouTube videos, or the nature of the content you need for marketing activities.

While many people assume comedy writing only refers to book writers or screenwriters, the reality is that funny, immersive content is a great way to stand apart in almost any field of business. Here is a brief summary of some of the recently advertised writing job categories:

Comedy Screenwriting Services

Producers and directors with screenplays or pitches for new sitcoms hire comedy screenwriting professionals to polish and perfect their projects before editing. Comedy writers can be hired to consult and help improve a feature film script or might contribute as one writer of several in developing a new screenplay from scratch based on a theme or initial idea.

Ghostwriting for Comedic Book Publications

Authors regularly hire writers to take on ghostwriting services, whether to edit their drafts or create a synopsis of the book for the back page or for online publications. Magazines, online publications, and independent newsletters also hire comedians in staff writing roles to make their editions more interesting and expand their reader demographics or write individual pieces about relevant subjects.

Comedy Writing for Stand-Up Comics or Presentations

Venues and conference centers hire freelance comedy writers or recruit one ongoing writer to develop introductions, presentations, and advertising materials. They often hire a joke writer for stand-up events or to assist comperes or announcers taking the stage with a funny, well-written script.

Jokes are also used in speeches and politics, where a comedy writer takes a bland or slightly dry script and adds flavor, humor, and fun through their writing to help a business speaker or politician make their point when on stage.

How Do You Write a Comedy Writer Job Post?

Whether you need to hire a comedy writer for an editing position or need a brilliant comedy writer with an impressive resume, the first step is to create a writing job post, which you can publish free of charge through the Guru freelance platform.

You can also browse the comedy writing services you require, the types of businesses or sectors writers have worked within before, or hire comedy professionals with specific writing skills such as ghostwriting, online comedy content creation, or book writing experience.

Hiring the Best Comedy Writers for Your Business

Our advice is always to write as much detail as possible in your comedy writing job post, ensuring your post appeals to the comedians or writing professionals most suitable for your position. Writing down all your key content requirements and objectives is useful and means that any writer specializing in comedy will be able to see straight away if they are a great fit for your business.

We'd suggest including a few details about your writing job, such as:

  • The experience level you need from your chosen comedian for hire

  • The scope and nature of the text, book, or script you'd like them to write

  • The number of writers you need and the anticipated duration of the project

  • The maximum budget, where applicable, or the rates you expect to pay per hour

The more information you can include in your writing job post, the more you can stand apart from other hirers while specifying the business or book you need a writer for and the type of comedy most relevant.

How to Hire the Best Comedy Services for Team Collaborations

It is common for a business to hire writing teams or to have comedy professionals on retainer to provide insights and ghostwriting services as and when needed. Many brands also like to use comedy services on a regular basis to help with marketing or social media content, ensuring every published piece of text has an element of humor or features one or two jokes to break up more serious or commercial content.

If you need a comedy professional with sufficient writing expertise to collaborate with other writers, you can browse online resumes, review the skills and project history of each freelancer, or compare feedback ratings from previous comedy writers to ensure you have the right comedy writer for the job.

Writers also publish examples of their comedy work within their portfolios, giving you all the information you need to hand-pick the writers who feel like a perfect match for your requirements while having a sufficient grasp of comedy as an engagement tool to make your book, presentation, speech or articles feel natural, interesting, and playful.

Post a comedy writing job for free, and find the write comedy writer for your business.

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