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Do Comedians Have Writers?

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What was funny at the bar last night may fall flat on its face the next morning. Having someone to exchange ideas with or help flesh out a zany character is a great way to share the work and combine your powers. Thankfully, there are plenty of freelance comedy writers for hire on platforms like Guru.

What Makes a Good Writer?

Keen Observation

When it comes to how to write a comedy sketch, the first step is coming up with material. Whether it’s current events, personal experiences, or commenting on other people, being able to see the ridiculous in the mundane is key to a good comedy sketch. A talented writer is always aware of what’s going on around them and ready to chime in with a witty quip. 

Learning From Mistakes

Watching someone else bomb on stage is uncomfortable; having it happen to yourself can be horrifying. Inevitably, however, some jokes just don’t work. Sometimes, the joke is funny but the timing is off. Other times, the joke is simply a dud. 

You can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs, and a writer shouldn’t hesitate to lean into a mistake. The act of taking oneself down a peg makes you appear humble and more relatable to the audience, who have their own self-doubts and fears. 

Where Are Comedy Writers Found?

Finding someone funny can be easy if you have lots of friends, but finding someone willing to do some writing for you is another story. Your weekend bar trivia crew may be hilarious, but they probably have day jobs that take up their time. So, where can you find a writer with a funny bone?

Stand-Up Comedy Clubs

If you’re looking for a true spectacle, hit the stand-up clubs on open mic night. You’re sure to see first-timers, up-and-comers, rising stars, and if you’re lucky, a superstar may even stop by if you live in a sizable city. 

Having all of this funny business in one room not only helps to get your own creative juices flowing, it’s also a place to make connections with comedians. Many of these comedians welcome collaboration, and working on the side as a writer is a decent way to make some extra money. 

Your Local Comedy Theater

Every sizable city has a theater troupe, and they aren’t just performing Shakespeare. Oftentimes, a sketch comedy group will offer weekly or monthly shows, and improv nights are an excellent place to find those with a soul crafted for comedy. 

Finding your way into these groups can be a little tricky, but once you’re in, it should be easy to find out if you vibe with anyone and see if they’re interested in collaborating.

Freelancing Websites

Freelancing websites aren’t just for web designers and social media managers–there are thousands of artists at reasonable prices just waiting to be discovered. Writers of all sorts can be found, and if you’re wondering how much comedy writers get paid, you can scan through portfolios with both rates and resumes. On the Guru platform, no matter what talent you need, we’ve got you covered!

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