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Hiring Content Creators for Your Marketing Content

Content creation is a high-demand skill. Content developers provide businesses and entrepreneurs with digital content–whether text, graphics, videos, or photography–to grow their brands, engage with new visitors and showcase their quality and professionalism to new demographics. Whether you need a brand article or post, a professional content writer can help with all your copywriting needs.

With a substantial choice of more than 100,000 professional content creators available to hire through the extensive Guru platform, we’ll explain the tasks that creators can undertake, the capabilities to look for, and how to write an effective job description to attract top content talent for your projects.

What Projects Can Content Experts Help With?

For many companies, freelance content creators are invaluable and provide the content used in email marketing, promotions, campaigns, social media posts, and other outlets that communicate their brand messaging at a fraction of the cost of hiring full-time content specialists. A dedicated content writer can take your brand and marketing content to new levels.

The world of content creation covers a large scope. Still, you might wish to hire a content creator to design material that is funny, educational, informative, or that positions your brand as a thought leader in your field. Companies can hire a freelance content writer for jobs such as:

  • Designing social media sequences, backgrounds, icons, text, and graphics to accompany organic posts, reels, and paid ads

  • Developing brand digital assets to use across marketing materials such as brochures, fliers, emails, corporate reporting, newsletters, blog posts, and editorial features

  • Writing short or long-form content, including blogs, think pieces, humorous articles, press releases, web copy, marketing material, and snippets of text to improve the impact of tweets and other social media posts

Any tasks that need fresh, on-brand, original content can be assigned to a professional content creator, ranging from YouTube videos to content edits and high-quality graphics for trade presentations. You can also hire content creators with search engine optimization (SEO) expertise that can help your content rank on the web.

What to Look For in High-Quality Content Creators

Irrespective of their focus on certain content types and sectors, a content writer should be able to offer sufficient experience or knowledge of your company, industry, products, or marketing approach to tailor the content they develop on your behalf to achieve your marketing objectives. A content professional should have the skill level necessary to complete your projects.

Great content creators tend to pick a niche, such as writing for ecommerce businesses or financial sector clients, and have an in-depth understanding of conventions within that business space.

The best content creator for your job will be a good fit for your brand needs, understand your customer demographics, and be able to demonstrate expertise and project success through their Guru portfolio and customer review ratings.

How to Shortlist a Freelance Content Creator

The first step to hiring the right copywriting content creator for your job is to specify the type of content you require and in what context. While some content creators have specific writing niches, others might offer, for example, content writing services, graphic design, or videography.

  • Text content creators write content for anything written, such as blogs, articles, email campaigns, and social media posts.

  • Graphic visual content creators offer imagery, which is used in blogs, logo design, graphics for website pages, and even GIFs and memes for social media posts.

  • Video content creators create and edit video-based materials, which could range from vlogs for company socials to promotional ads or event videography.

  • Photographers working as independent content creators might specialize in product or brand photography, events, and trade fairs or offer comprehensive services to incorporate headshots for brand publications.

Content creators can also combine their level of skills to provide comprehensive writing services. For example, a content designer may offer report writing accompanied by the ability to produce visual interpretations of information through graphs and charts to develop engaging and informative company shareholder returns. Other content experts concentrate their skills on certain types of content, such as written copy or advertising content, but have transferable abilities relevant to all business sectors.

Choosing the Best Way to Hire a Content Creator

Guru provides a flexible freelance platform for both content professionals and hirers, where businesses can post a job listing detailing the exact skills and knowledge they require, inviting qualified candidates to submit a proposal for consideration. Another option may be to filter the broad network of Guru freelance content creators and hand-pick those professionals who you feel will be perfect content creator for your content creation tasks.

Writing an enticing and informative content job post increases the proposals you receive and ensures that all content creator candidates who submit a quotation can fulfill all of your essential requirements. Including details such as the length of the project, the type of content creation involved, the minimum experience level, and your budget thresholds can be useful and make choosing a well-matched content freelancer quicker and easier.

To find the right content creator for your social, marketing, and web writing projects, you can also view each writer's content profile and previous level of experience.

Narrowing Down Your Choice of Content Creator

Specifying the skills and abilities most important to your content creation tasks ensures you have a baseline to assess candidates against and can expand your job description to explain your web content requirements. Among the most common skills highlighted in Guru content creation job posts are:

  • Knowledge of SEO and information architecture best practices (for written content used on web copy and blog writing to drive SERP positioning and augment the exposure text-based content achieves)

  • Technical design abilities, where content creators need to be able to produce graphic designs, edited films, videography, or a combination of mediums

  • Brand knowledge or research capacity, where content creators can invest time in understanding brand tone of voice and customer audiences to adjust their content creation to your business and brand messaging for your marketing strategy

By setting out your content expectations in your Guru job post or filtering candidates by your expectations, you can speed up your search for a skilled content creator and ensure all your content quotations are relevant to the job at hand.

Why Hire Freelance Content Creators?

Professional content creators are experts in their fields and often have years of knowledge about the right techniques, approaches, and styles to achieve the best engagement, click-throughs, and metrics through your web content. Countless businesses find freelance content creators a cost-effective way to expand their team and hit outreach targets while tailoring each project to their specific deliverables, timescales, and budgets. You could even use a content creator for a guest post when writing blog content.

With a huge network of highly skilled content creators, writers, designers, and videographers, the Guru platform offers a golden opportunity to find the ideal freelance content creator to take your branding to the next level. Once you have hired the right content writer, you can confidentiality move forward with your content projects.

Post your free job listing, or search for our pool of available freelance content creators today!

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