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Logo Animation Services for Text Animation, Rotating Logo Animation, and Much More

As you work to improve your business’s online presence, you have to come up with unique and attractive visuals that will capture the attention of your target customers. These visual elements include your company’s logo, which serves as your brand’s identity. Therefore, your business logo should be uniquely designed to catch the eye of people looking for your business online.

This is where logo animation services come in handy. An animated logo will make it easier for your target clients to identify your brand and learn more about your business because they’ll understand the idea behind your business. An animated logo will explain the main concept of your brand better than a static one.

Furthermore, an animated logo will help to make your brand appear more legitimate because it shows that you took your time to ensure that your brand’s identity is properly packaged. But unless you’re a professional animation expert, you need to hire experienced logo animators to work on the logo for your business.

Even if you’re a qualified and experienced animation expert, you should outsource the work of animating your logo to logo animation specialists and spend your time on other more important tasks like acquiring more clients and promoting your products or services. But how do you hire professional logo animation services?

Finding specialized logo animation experts is now easy, thanks to Guru–a job site that recruits qualified and experienced specialists from across the globe. Many of the animation specialists enlisted on Guru are freelancers who are comfortable working for any client from anywhere. Furthermore, this platform screens its members thoroughly to ensure the custom logo designers you entrust your brand to are qualified, experienced, and reliable.

What Do Animation Services Do?

Logo animation is the process of adding motion graphics and animation to your logo design. A logo animation service can create a custom text animation, rotating logo, and play with other design ideas. Make sure that the animations are in line with your brand’s values and purpose. Therefore, your animation services must take time to understand the idea behind your brand so that their designs are properly aligned.

Since your logo is your brand’s visual identity, it should characterize the nature of your business. Animation plays a significant role in ensuring that the real personality of your brand and business comes out effectively. A logo animator’s main task is to create motion graphics and animations that will help your target clients to understand what your brand is all about by simply looking at your logo. You can use the logos on social media, your business website or app, marketing materials, business videos, and much more.

Your animation services should have the necessary skills, experience, and creativity to bring a whole new dimension to your logo and make sure it enhances your relationship with your clients by making the design memorable and visually appealing.

Qualifications and Roles of a Business Logo Animator

Essentially, a logo animator is a graphic designer with proficiency in 2D and 3D animation. Animation experts can work for design firms, publishing houses, advertising agencies, or as freelance graphic designers. When you’re hiring entry-level design services, make sure they have at least a bachelor’s degree in graphic design.

In their training, logo animators learn the basic principles of graphic design, computer design software, and marketing models. But this doesn’t mean that only those with a bachelor’s degree are employable. Numerous job opportunities exist for design services with associate degrees in graphic design.

This field of design includes several relevant courses, such as graphic design history, typography, computer graphics, animation, composition, drawing, and photography. Some colleges also offer advertising and marketing concepts as part of graphic design. But the main training program is dedicated to creating unique and visually attractive designs that tell real stories about brands.

Logo animators are also expected to develop their professional portfolios by taking genuine graphic design jobs. Therefore, your logo animation designers must provide you with their professional portfolios for your review before you hire them. You can do a video call interview with the animation services beforehand as well to ensure that they have the skills necessary to create your new logo design.

Job Description for Logo Animation

A logo animator creates graphical and typographical representations of a brand. Therefore, logo animation experts must work with you and other team members of your company to discuss important concepts that must be included in the animation. Animation experts need to develop preliminary sketches of the concepts and layout your logo design using the right computer illustration tools and software.

A logo animator must collaborate with researchers in order to understand the data behind what will resonate with your target customers. Logo animation specialists should maintain a cordial relationship with your advertising team and marketing department to develop a logo that delivers the kind of brand recognition you desire.

How Much Do Animated Logo Services Earn?

As discussed above, logo animation teams can work for numerous organizations and enterprises, including corporate design departments, advertising agencies, publishers, web development companies, and web design firms. A logo animation specialist can also work as a freelancer. The latest statistics from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) project a decline in employment opportunities for logo animators by 4% in the next five to six years.

In 2019, these specialists accounted for about 281,500 jobs in the U.S. In 2020, the BLS noted that logo animators earned a median salary of $53,380 per year. With the projected decline in employment opportunities in this field, this pay rate might drop substantially. Expect to pay less than this when you hire a freelance logo animation expert from overseas. However, note that a logo animator’s pay rate depends on their level of expertise, experience, and the complexity of the design project.

Tips for Hiring Logo Animation Experts

Before you hire any services for your logos, there are several important considerations you have to make.

Check Their Logo Animation Portfolio              

Professional services for logo animation must have well-organized design portfolios that outline their previous projects. Review the design portfolio carefully to determine if their work meets the required quality standards. It’ll give you an idea of how their expertise and experience fit in with your company’s branding needs.

Consider Their Logo Animation Passion

A logo animator may have all the necessary academic qualifications, expertise, and experience, but if they lack passion for what they do, the quality of their work will always be wanting. So, hire a logo designer who is passionate about their work.

Good Communication Skills

Since your logo animator will be required to collaborate with other team members, they must be good communicators. Your animation services should be able to communicate complex design concepts in a simple, logical manner.

Hiring Freelance Services for Logo Animation

In short, hire logo animators who are creative enough to develop unique and attractive designs that will make your logo stand out from the rest and catch the eye of your target audience. 

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