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Optical engineering is a field of study that focuses on optical design and the application of optics. The principles of physics and chemistry are applied to scientific optics to achieve results in advancing optical instrument designs and optical measurement systems that use the properties of light to operate. As similar to other fields of engineering, optical engineering also relies on computers to be used for simulation, design and application of optical devices and instruments. Additional computer tools such as programming languages and spreadsheets are used by optical engineering specialists for specialized optical software designs. Optical engineering metrology methods measure refraction and micro-vibrations to measure instrumental properties in addition to the various masses found in each instrument. Many optical instruments and devices use light refraction techniques to help humans view distant and microscopic images.

An optical engineer may design components of optical instruments and devices such as microscopes, telescopes, lenses and additional instruments that function off the properties of light for your business. If your business has a need for retail and inventory control equipment, he or she may design and implement scanner system technology such as product code laser scanners and QR code scanners. He or she may also design other equipment including optical sensors, measurement systems, lasers, fiber optic communication systems and optical disc systems for your business operations. The optical engineer may also use your computer systems to simulate and test different versions of instruments and devices for your business uses. A freelance optical engineer may also deal with concerns surrounding ultraviolet and infrared lighting systems in the workplace. Hire the expert you need from in the location you want.

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